Meet Our Missionaries

Nathan Cruz

I feel honoured to serve as the chaplain at Aspley Special School and Everton Park State School. Each and every day is an opportunity to share hope and to inspire others to rise above the circumstances that life throws along the way.

I was a school chaplain at Mitchelton Special School for over 7 years. I recently started a new chaplaincy role at Everton park state school.


Location: Aspley Special School (two days) & Everton Park State School

Ministry: School Chaplaincy

Vision: Making a positive difference in the lives of the next generation through hope.

Prayer Needs

  • Ministry: Wisdom, Strength and God’s favour and grace in both schools
  • Family: For God to give my wife and I wisdom and grace in raising our 5 children, each with their own giftings, so they too continue to grow strong in God
  • Personally – For God to give me a clear vision of what Chaplaincy looks like for me in 2022


I remember my first day at one of my schools, a student approached me during lunch time to ask a question “Chappy, what happened in the garden of Eden?” Needless to say that wasn’t our only conversation in regards to this subject. I have been able to support this student for over 3 years now. Recently this student has re-engaged in his local youth program and is going from strength to strength.

I celebrate the small wins. I can remember asking a student how they were going? “Who cares?” would be the response every time. “Who cares?, I care” I would say, and slowly but surely, they knew, I cared. In the last year that they were at school, I said my usual “How are you going?”, ” I’m going great chappy!” was the reply. For me this was a big win!