Meet Our Missionaries

Don & Cheri Floyd

God called us to Papua New Guinea a few decades ago. Although our commitment to seeing a healthy, evangelistic, indigenous church operating here has stayed the same, the ways in which we contribute to this goal have changed several times over the years.

We are the only non-indigenous family working with the Wesleyan Church of PNG. We partner with the holistic ministries of the church helping to build medical staff housing, schools, churches, and offering literacy training. We have worked ourselves out of several jobs over the years, and continue that practice today through Don’s training and Cheri working in theological education.


Location: Papua New Guinea
Ministry: Working with Wesleyans of Pacific-Southeast Asia in leadership empowerment, education, community development.
Vision: Gospel-sharing churches and effective theological education programs throughout the region.

Prayer Needs

  • God to use us to raise up pastors, carpenters and others who will impact their communities in a positive way.
  • Pray for faithful Christians across all denominations to be encouraged and press on to support PNG in the many challenges it faces.
  • Pray for the Extensive travels and Zoom meetings throughout Pacific-Southeast Asia, with Cheri serving as a regional director for Global Partners.


CHERI: One of the younger pastors that I was mentoring recently testified that God had revealed to them that despite their failures and imperfections, that through confession and the power of the Holy Spirit they can be strengthened for a lifetime of spiritual success.

DON: When we arrived in PNG, I tended to be on a building job training new carpenters and overseeing the work. Now, I tend to only act as quality control visiting the job site and teaching any new skills that are lacking. I often go away for a few months and the project continues. Some of the men that I have trained are now better than me and volunteer their skills in their free time to church planting projects.