Meet Our Missionaries

Rachael Bell

I have felt called to missions and ministry since I was in high school, and have been seeking God’s direction ever since. It has taken me to university to attain my Bachelor in Ministry, to YWAM, and to serve in Hills Church through youth group, youth band, and High School Camp. My heart is for the unreached young people of our nation to meet Jesus, and to guide them on the path of discipleship to know him more.

I was presented with the opportunity to minister to the students of Grace Lutheran College at the end of 2023. God has grown my heart for the young people of this school, as I have met students from many backgrounds and beliefs. A 2021 survery of the school says that 85% of students never attend church, thus providing a missions field with great challenges and geat opportunity.


Location: Grace Lutheran College (Rothwell Campus)
Ministry: High School Chaplaincy
Vision: High School students would find Christ and be connected with a church.

Prayer Needs

  • Students to come to faith in our Youth Alpha program, girls and boys groups, and through the outreach of their believing peers.
  • Believing and unbelieving staff would be supportive of the ministry team’s work within Grace. Pray against resistance, and for a favourable opinion of our team.
  • I would have wisdom each day as I interact with students and staff. I would not be troubled by challenges, but be empowered by God’s Spirit to bring about change.


The Christian students at Grace are getting excited for new opportunities to share the Gospel with their peers, despite ridicule and resistance. God is clearly working in them, as they have boldness and courage when they speak, and it is so encouraging to hear this small group speak about the new things they believe God is doing in their school.