On Sunday we announced a new weekly prayer service for Hills Church that begins February 24th.  I’m very excited about this new service and I want to encourage everyone who is part of the Hills Church Family to consider being part of it in some way.

The basics of this service will be as such:

Hills Church Wednesday Prayer Service
– Every Wednesday Night from 6:30pm to 7:15pm
– Doors open from 6pm for quiet personal prayer
– Prayer with pastors or elders from 6:15pm to 6:30pm
– Please invite a friend who is in need

I would encourage you to come as often as you can.  There will be no pressure to do anything more than you feel led to. If sitting quietly and agreeing and praying silently is what you would like to do than I strongly urge you to be there and pray in that way. If praying out loud and agreeing out loud is how you like to pray than you are strongly encouraged to be there.  We’re all different, but we’re all the church body together.

As I said on Sunday, I understand though that it’s not possible for many of you to be out another night per week for various reasons, and so I have a few suggestions:

– If you can attend most weeks – Awesome!
– If you can commit to once a month, that would be fantastic
– If you have a young family, I understand you can’t attend and so I encourage you to have a mini prayer meeting at home. Pray for just a few minutes if you have young children or pray for longer with teens.
– Pray on Wednesday from your hotel if you’re a frequent business traveler
– Find a way to pray with the rest of the church family on Wednesday – whatever that may look like for you

Each week we will send out in the e-news (or Facebook) what our prayer focus will be so that you know how to pray with us.

On Wednesday 24th, our first prayer meeting will focus on praying for our Op-Shop and Coffee Shop ministries and for our prayer for the Nations we will pray for North Korea.

I really hope we can see you there. If you’re committing to praying from home, please let us know so we know you’re praying with us.

God Bless

Pastor Nathan