Welcome to 2021! I’m feeling positive about this year, and I have confidence that God is leading us into new territory. It will be stretching, it will be challenging, but it will be good because it’s from God.

I told you last year during my October holidays that I was reading the first 6 or 7 books of the Old Testament. Since that time I’ve been thinking a lot about Joshua. Joshua was appointed to lead the Israelites after Moses. What huge shoes he had to fill! But the message for Joshua was clear. Be strong and courageous. God had a big assignment for him but the promise was that God was with him.

There’s some great lessons in Joshua for us today and so I’m starting a new series on Sunday 7th called Strong and Courageous – Lessons from Joshua. I’m really looking forward to it and I want to encourage you to join me on that journey.

Every February we do a month of prayer and fasting. Each Wednesday in February I encourage every adult to fast the whole day until after the prayer meeting concludes at 7:15pm. I also want to encourage you to fast from something for the entire month. An example might be from TV, or the news or social media – something that takes some of your time each day that you could give over to prayer. We’re praying for Hills Church yes, but we’re also praying for breakthroughs.  Let’s pray for God to do miracles!

God Bless
Pastor Nathan