Hello Church

I need Christmas this year and so do you. We need this time to slow down. We need this time to break out of our over busy schedule and take rest like God designed us to. We need this time to remember the coming of Jesus 2000 years ago and his promise to come again. That’s why singing Christmas carols every 12 months is good for us. We’re reminded of Emmanuel, God with us. We’re reminded of what has happened and what is to come. We’re reminded that we have a saviour. It’s a time of peace, joy, hope and love.

We need the Christmas trees and the gifts and the family gatherings and the time off work. All of these things remind us that God loves us. So embrace Christmas. You need it. And whatever you do, remember to stop and dwell in his presence.

This Sunday evening is our annual Christmas Carols service. Please come along and bring your family and friends. The team is working hard to make it a great night for everyone, so don’t miss out!

On missions Sunday we announced that Nicole Webb is heading to India early next year for a period of extended overseas missions. We’re committing to financially and prayerfully supporting Nicole, and so I want to encourage you to sign up to her newsletter updates, to pray for her regularly, and to consider supporting her financially. See below for some further information.

This is our last newsletter for 2019, on behalf of the elders, office staff and pastors, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy and safe new year! 🙂

Pastor Nathan