Hello Church

I want to let you know about the Heart 4 Hills Dinner that is coming up on Friday night October 18th. This night will be one of the most important nights in the recent history of Hills Church. This is an important night for us to unify around the purpose and vision God has for us. If you’re part of Hills Church, whether you’ve attended for only the last two weeks or the last 20 or more years, please do everything you can to join us. There will be plenty of good music and good food, and an exciting opportunity to not only look at how God is working in our church and neighbourhood, but also to look ahead to where we believe God is taking us. This includes looking into the details of our exciting new building plans, and stepping out in faith together as a church family.

One of the best things about this night is that your place has been paid for. What a great blessing that is! You can expect personal invitations to arrive soon with more details on how to rsvp, but in the mean time I want you to think of this as more than a nice invitation. Think of it as a family gathering that you put a high priority on. So take a moment and mark it in your calendar right now.

God Bless
Pastor Nathan