Hello Church,
In 1959, more than 40,000 believers in over 5000 prayer meetings prayed around Australia and New Zealand in the lead up to the Billy Graham crusades. Over 3.25 million people attended the rallies and broke attendance records in some stadiums he visited, including the MCG where over 120,000 were in attendance. From these meetings 150,000 people made decisions for Christ and most were sent on to churches around the country for further discipleship. Years later many churches reported that over 70% of those who had been referred to their church were still committed Christians with a wave of new Christians going on to become pastors, especially in the Anglican, Methodist and Baptist churches.

1959 is 14 years before I was born, but I wish I could have been there to be part of the revival! No doubt Billy Graham was a big name at the time and that many would have attended to see and hear what the fuss was about. But that doesn’t explain why over 90,000 new Christians were still going strong in their faith years later.

I personally think that what does explain it is the 40,000 Christians committed to praying for a movement of God in Australia and New Zealand.

Why do I mention this story? Because the same still applies today. When we commit to earnestly praying, God answers. Many of you are praying for friends and family to encounter Jesus. To be saved. And so I encourage you to persistently and earnestly intercede. Lift their names to the Lord and pray for breakthrough. This is what we are also doing on Wednesday nights – so join us and we’ll pray together in faith. Even if your faith is as small as a mustard seed – that is enough!

Pastor Nathan