There was a time when I enjoyed the election campaign. I would watch the debates, listen to the radio, and read all the newspaper articles and opinions. Something about elections fascinated me. Perhaps it was the intrigue of watching two adversaries battle it out, or maybe there was something about the chance of a fresh new government that brought thoughts of new hope. Maybe there was just something wrong with me. 🙂

I suspect for a lot of the country, people get the smell of change, and change is as good as a holiday. We get very weary of governments so quickly in this age. After 3 years, we’ve had enough and there is a sense of excitement about something new, whether we need someone new or not.

As much as we admire our robust democracy and the chance for our country to reset the politics and direction every three years, I’m more and more convinced that our ultimate hope is not in the government of man but in the government of God. If we put our hope in man’s government, our hope will always be dashed. This is why as followers of Christ, we can be optimistic, even when governments get it wrong.

If you’re a follower of Christ, and this election has got you down, don’t be. You have something that most of our neighbours sadly don’t. You have hope. You have a reassurance that “it is well with my soul”.

I’m not saying that Christians shouldn’t have a voice in culture and politics, on the contrary, we should have a voice. But that voice should always be a voice of hope and love, alongside of truth. When governments and culture turn further from God, our job is not to get angry, but to strive even more to be salt and light. Our message is positive. Our message is freedom. Our message is grace.

Instead of living in fear of a changing culture, we look for fresh glimpses of God’s grace, truth and goodness to proclaim to the world around us the love of God in Jesus Christ. That is the mission of the church.

God Bless

Pastor Nathan