“I’ve got this.” This was the word Jesus gave me just over 3 years ago when I was facing this new season in my life as the pastor of Hills Church. I can still remember walking the beach on Coochie Mudlo Island (yes there is a beach there) wondering how on earth a simple person like me could pastor and lead a church to accomplish the mission God has for us.

No sooner had I said those words out loud to Jesus, that I distinctly heard Jesus whisper to me “I’ve got this”. In other words, it’s Jesus that builds the church. It’s Jesus that changes lives. It’s Jesus that leads us. It’s Jesus that provides the vision. It’s Jesus that pours out his Spirit to equip and empower us to accomplish the mission at hand. Our job is to obediently say yes to Him, and open ourselves to the Spirit’s leading.

I’m still holding on to that promise today. As we continue to look forward to what God has called us to do, and with big mountains ahead like building plans and financial needs and staffing and discipleship and needs in the community we’re striving to meet and others we’re yet to consider, I’m once again reminded by Jesus, that he has it ALL in his hands. Thank you Jesus! You’re so good to us!

So this month, is Vision Month. This is not a month for me to convince you of anything. This is a month for us to focus on what is before us as God’s church. What our mission is. Where we’re going. And who we are to be. It’s also a time to consider some practical challenges. What will we need to do with our property for the next 5 to 10 years to facilitate the mission. What are the needs in our community God wants us to bring his justice and mercy to? Vision month won’t provide all the answers to all of those questions, but it will give us a sense of collective vision for the future. Vision is important because it brings purpose and meaning to why we do what we do, and it unites us together around God’s call to his church.

I want to encourage you to be here each Sunday in February. We’re going to jazz things up a little and intentionally and joyfully worship and seek God. I also want to encourage you to invite a friend. Especially a friend who is not part of a church family.

Lastly, do your best to attend one of our Wednesday prayer services in February. We meet at 6:30 for 45 minutes of worship and prayer as we cry out to our God together. There will also be an opportunity to pray each Wednesday from 12pm – 12:30pm.

I’m excited for 2019, I can’t wait to see what God will do!
Pastor Nathan