Hello Church,

Three weeks ago we looked at what it means to make disciples and how that is the mission of ALL believers. It’s not just the job of the pastor (although I love that part of my job), it’s a calling to all Christians, to not only grow as disciples, but to make new disciples. A sign of a mature disciple is his or her fruit in making new disciples. Challenging isn’t it!

On that Sunday three weeks ago, 63 of you committed to praying for opportunities to share your faith and plant seeds of the gospel each day. Each week I’ve been praying for you all by name, and I’ve enjoyed hearing the testimonies of those opportunities as they have come back to me. Please keep going! Make this a life long mission. Seek the Holy Spirits guidance and step out in faith knowing his promise is to be with you always. There is great joy in planting seeds, and your faith will grow like never before if you make that step. 🙂 If you want to join those 63 people that ‘m praying for weekly, please email me.

This Sunday is part two of Make Disciples. This time we look at how we live this mission collectively as a church. What is the churches role and how does it compliment the call for each disciple to make disciples? Please join us at 9am for a great time of collective worship, study, prayer and fellowship.

Pastor Nathan