Hi Church,

We Jesus followers have discovered something that is life changing and eternally valuable. More valuable than any material gain or position of power that the world can offer. It’s the good news or “gospel” of Jesus Christ.

One thing I’ve noticed about people, is that they’re very receptive to hear any stories we’ve had about how we’ve lost weight, or had financial success, or new ways to renovate a house, or the good things our kids are up too, or a holiday experience that we loved. We can tell stories about those aspects of our life without hesitation, but the most important part of our lives, our faith, we almost never talk about with others who aren’t Christians. And I understand why. When it comes to matters of faith and particularly Jesus, we’re concerned not only with the response but the possible effects on our relationship.

This concern has been going on since the beginning of time. And yet Jesus still tells us that all followers of his are to tell others. We’ve been calling it planting seeds at Hills Church, and I can tell from the response to some of our Sunday messages of late that deep down you all want to share the gospel with others. I was so pleased to see that 57 of you wrote “count me in” on the back of your connection card on Sunday. (If you missed Sunday I made a commitment to pray for anyone who wrote those words that they will have an opportunity to share their faith at least once this year, and to pray for those opportunities and for boldness).

I saw an article from Will Graham (Billy Graham’s grandson) this week that makes a good point on this subject.

My friends, you don’t have to be a “Super Christian,” and you don’t have to know the entire Bible. You don’t need to be trained in evangelism. What you do need to do is open your mouth, and you can begin with your own story and with the word of God. You may not see an immediate impact. You may simply plant seeds that others will water and cultivate and harvest months or years down the road, but you will be doing what you are called to do. And you will make an impact on eternity by allowing Jesus to work through you!
I’m not trying to guilt you into this task, I’m asking us to consider how we can’t keep the eternal good news to ourselves. I’m asking for us to consider if we should respond to the calling of Jesus to make disciples. It’s a journey we can do together! Through failure, through success, this is our task and Jesus is lovingly with us and helping us every step of the way.

Pray for an opportunity. Look for the opportunity. Take the opportunity. Plant seeds of the gospel. Be part of the mission Jesus began. 🙂

If you want to join those 57, please email me and I’ll begin praying for you.


Pastor Nathan