Welcome to 2021

Welcome to 2021! I'm feeling positive about this year, and I have confidence that God is leading us into new territory.

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Immerse, the church wide reading plan begins next Monday. We're committing to read the entire New Testament together over 8 weeks.

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December 2019

Hello Church I need Christmas this year and so do you. We need this time to slow down. We need this

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November 2019

Hello Church It's time to build! We've seen that God is doing something at Hills Church, and I'm not just talking about

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September 2019

Hello Church “Spiritual work is taxing work, and we are loath to do it. Praying, true praying, costs an outlay of

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August 2019

Hello Church I want to let you know about the Heart 4 Hills Dinner that is coming up on Friday night

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July 2019

Hello Church We're in an exciting season at Hills Church. With people saying yes to Jesus for the first time; with a

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